Black Heavy-Duty Interlocking Foam Mat



This Interlocking Foam Mat is built with a high-density foam that absorbs shock, and features a non-slip surface that makes it perfect for exercise and kids’ play. This Interlocking Foam Mat also features an easy-to-use interlocking system, is light weight.


PROTECTIVE AND DURABLE: These high-density foam flooring tiles cover flooring to prevent scratches and dents. Each 6 pieces of 0.5″ Thick Black 2′ x 2′ interlocking foam tile will cover 24 sq. ft.

VERSATILE USAGE: Can be used as interlocking floor mats, foam tiles for children’s play areas and to cover cement garage, basement, or balcony floors. Contains no toxic Phthalates made with BPA EVA foam.

NOISE REDUCING DESIGN: AmStaff interlocking foam tiles absorb the sound from jumping, bouncing, running, skipping and weightlifting.

NON-SLIP, NON-SLIDE: The textured surface of foam floor tiles prevents injuries from slips, skids and falls when lunging, performing arm balances, when bare feet and hands sweat and when kids run around.

WATERPROOF & EASY TO CLEAN: Clean AmStaff interlocking foam mats with soap and water and air dry to finish. Spilled water doesn’t soak into the tiles and wipes right up.

EASY ASSEMBLY: These foam puzzle flooring tiles are lightweight and easy to lift and interlock. They assemble in minutes over any hardwood floor or basement and garage cement floors.

SMOOTH SOFT FEELING: This gym foam flooring cushions the impact on joints when weight lifting. Instead of a cement floor, go easy on your Achilles tendon and skip rope on foam floor tiles. Practice MMA on these cushioned floor mats.


Caution: We advise buying an extra 5-10% of tiles beyond your calculated needs. Be aware that if you require more tiles in the future, they may not originate from the same production batch, leading to possible discrepancies in color or speckle design. We can’t ensure an exact match for tiles ordered at a later time.


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