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Your Ultimate Destination for Quality Mats and Rubber Flooring Solutions! We specialize in providing an extensive collection of mats catering to various needs, from gym workouts and yoga practices to kids’ play areas and martial arts facilities.

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Discover Our Range of Mats:

Fitness & MMA Mats

Dive into our selection of Fitness & MMA mats designed to endure intense workouts and training sessions. Crafted with durable materials and superior cushioning, these mats offer support and stability, ensuring a safe and comfortable exercise experience.

Home Flooring Mats

Elevate your home’s flooring with our premium Home Flooring mats. From stylish and practical entrance mats to comfortable and vibrant area mats, discover options that complement your home decor while providing functionality and comfort.

Kids' Puzzle Mats

Create a playful and safe environment for kids with our Kids’ Puzzle Mats. These interlocking foam mats are perfect for playrooms, nurseries, or any space where children explore, offering a soft and cushioned surface that encourages fun and creativity.

Garage Flooring Mats

Transform your garage space with our durable Garage Flooring mats. Engineered to withstand heavy-duty use and protect your floors, these mats offer resilience against spills, scratches, and impact, providing a clean and sturdy surface for your vehicles and workspace.

Mat Masters at your service

Our commitment to quality ensures that each mat, from jigsaw mats to tatami mats, meets the highest standards. Whether you’re outfitting your home gym, designing a martial arts studio, or creating a safe play area for kids, Mat Masters has the perfect solution.

Shop with confidence and elevate your space with premium-grade mats and rubber flooring. Experience durability, comfort, and versatility with Mat Masters – your trusted source for top-quality mats in Canada.

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