Artificial Turf Tile with 20mm Rubber Underpad – 20″ x 20″


  • Discover the perfect blend of performance, durability, and versatility with our Synthetic Turf for Fitness, a top-choice for both commercial and home gyms. Designed with a robust structure and high-quality materials, our product offers a realistic feel, coupled with the ability to withstand rigorous daily use, enhancing both your indoor and outdoor training experiences.

    Our Synthetic Turf stands out as a no-infill product, making it ideal for indoor and portable fitness areas. Outfitted with a 20mm heavy-duty rubber underpad, these square-cut tiles are engineered to deliver maximum shock absorption, taking care of your joints as you work out.


    • Tile Size:  20″ x 20″
    • Training Ready: This product is perfect for all kinds of training regimes, catering to both professional and amateur fitness enthusiasts.
    • High Performance Quality: Crafted with meticulous precision, the turf offers consistent performance over time and use.
    • Reacts Naturally: Experience the feel of real grass with a synthetic turf that reacts naturally underfoot, enhancing the quality of your workout.
    • Enhanced Durability & Safety: Its improved durability and built-in safety features make it a safe and long-lasting addition to your fitness facility.
    • Multipurpose: Its versatile design helps create multipurpose facilities, catering to a wide range of fitness activities.
    • Low Maintenance: Virtually maintenance-free, our turf is easy to clean and retains its quality and appearance with minimal upkeep.
    • Sound Insulation: The turf is designed to insulate against sound transmission, ensuring a quieter workout environment.
    • Easy Installation: The simple installation process of these tiles lets you create your dream gym space in no time.

    In conclusion, our Synthetic Turf for Fitness is not just a product but a game-changing addition to your fitness regime. The combination of durability, natural reaction, and low maintenance makes it an unbeatable choice for fitness enthusiasts. Say yes to consistent performance, improved safety, and a versatile workout surface that stands the test of time.


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